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Certified Quality

ClinicaLingua is an ISO 9001:2008 certified translation services provider specializing in the life sciences. International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certification ensures that our translation services meet global standards for efficiency, quality assurance and continuous improvement of procedures and systems. Our Quality Management System is comprehensively audited on an annual basis by an independent, nationally-accredited firm. Of the thousands of translation companies worldwide, it is estimated that less than 1 percent are ISO certified. Click here to view a copy of our ISO certification.

Our standardized translation process is the basis of our Quality Management System. Our process provides seamless integration of our project management, translation and design teams and is flexible based on the unique needs of each client and project. It incorporates standardized support of the local review and approval process, which is central to supporting the translation needs of pharmaceutical companies and CROs conducting clinical trials. 

The selection of qualified translators is central to quality assurance at ClinicaLingua. When recruiting linguists for our translation teams, we evaluate source and target language proficiency, educational and advanced training credentials, subject matter expertise in the life sciences, professional experience, translation certifications, and a demonstrated history of success. Translators must also maintain a favorable status in our translator rating system, including ongoing monitoring of any issues or complaints through our preventive and corrective action procedures. Click here to view our translator credentialing criteria.

We offer translation certificates for all deliverables. Our notarized certificates meet requirements for IRB/EC submissions and provide a record of the final, approved versions of translated documents. They provide verification that we follow our standardized, ISO-certified translation process for quality assurance. Click here to view a sample of our translation certificates.