Imperial Companies Ancillary Supplies


As a member of the Imperial Family of Companies, ClinicaLingua offers solutions for materials development, translation, multilingual publishing, print production and global logistics. Our integrated services include: 

Translation, editing, back translation and proofreading
Our ISO-certified translation process is completed in multiple phases for quality assurance, from translation and editing to back translation, back translation review and proofreading, depending on the service level requirements of the project. All phases of the project are completed by credentialed professionals from our established teams, including highly qualified translators, designers, project managers and support staff. Click here to view our translator credentialing criteria.  

Localization and cultural adaptation
Our global network of fully credentialed, in-country linguists assures translations that are appropriate for your specific target audiences. We provide support for over 100 languages and locales, with translation teams including experts who live in the countries where your translations will be utilized. In addition to localization of content for specific countries/locales, we offer full cultural adaptation services, including evaluation of source content pre-translation and full cultural review post-translation by in-country subject matter experts. 

Management of the local review process
We offer standardized support of our clients’ internal or local review processes. Support ranges from proofreading and incorporating edits received from a client (one round is included in our standard pricing), to comprehensive management of all aspects of the local review process within our overall project management services and fees. Local review management is particularly attractive to pharmaceutical companies and CROs conducting large, global trials. You provide us with a list of local study contacts, and we handle all the intensive work required when conducting a translation and review process on a global scale: in depth communication between reviewers and linguists, countless emails and file transfers, file management and version control, and all required tracking and reporting.   

Expert medical review
While medical translators are trained linguists with expertise researching and translating medical concepts and terms, and can handle the majority of medical and pharmaceutical content, in some cases subject matter experts are needed for review and finalization of technical medical content. We have access to medical professionals in countries all over the world, with the ability to provide expert medical review for an array of disease indications and medical specializations.

Copyright and translation assessment of Clinical Outcomes Assessments
ClinicaLingua provides research and project management services to determine the copyright status and licensing requirements associated with use of Clinical Outcomes Assessments in clinical trials. With access to the protocol or a list of specific assessments, we gather the information required to obtain permissions and licensing agreements from the developers/copyright holders. We provide detailed reports with information on the source versions and any available translations needed for the study, and also support the documentation and licensing procedures required to assure use in compliance with copyright law and stipulations set by developers/copyright holders.

Linguistic validation of PRO instruments
ClinicaLingua manages the translation and linguistic validation of Patient Reported Outcomes instruments. The methodology conforms to ISPOR guidelines and standards accepted by international regulatory agencies including the FDA and EMA. Click here for an overview of the process we offer for translation and linguistic validation.

Website translation and layout
ClinicaLingua provides translation and layout services for a range of electronic media, from websites and webcasts to eBlasts, text messages and social media. As a member of the Imperial Family of Companies, we also work hand-in-hand with the web development team at our sister company, DAC Patient Recruitment Services.

Content development and medical writing
In addition to translation and multilingual publishing, ClinicaLingua offers content development and medical writing services. As a member of the Imperial Family of Companies, we work hand-in-hand with the medical writing talent at our sister company, DAC Patient Recruitment Services. We also recruit and select medical writers as needed through organizations such as the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA), National Association of Science Writers (NASW) and European Medical Writers Association (EMWA), matching the disease indication or therapeutic area with the background and experience of an appropriate resource for the project.

Graphic design and layout
Our skillset for graphic design and layout has breadth, but also a laser-line focus on life sciences. With in-house technical and creative design capabilities, ClinicaLingua offers services ranging from design from protocol of data management tools, to theming and logo development for patient education materials for print and web and patient and professional materials for clinical trials. As a member of the Imperial Family of Companies, we also work hand-in-hand with the award winning creative team at our sister company, DAC Patient Recruitment Services.

Print-ready DTP/formatting
With an in-house team of designers and decades of experience in multilingual DTP/formatting, pre-press and print-related file preparation expertise, ClinicaLingua provides true “print-ready” DTP/formatting and an array of related multilingual publishing solutions. With ClinicaLingua, you will save time and hassles, avoiding the delays and return loops that frequently occur when sending files from a translation provider to a commercial printer.

Print production and global logistics
ClinicaLingua’s sister company, Imperial Graphics, is a known and proven leader in the development, production, and delivery of materials and supporting solutions for the life sciences industry. With the convenience of a single point of contact and one contract, ClinicaLingua and the Imperial Family of Companies provide solutions for materials development, translation, print and global logistics.