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ClinicaLingua uses translation technology to assure efficient and effective management of your projects. Our comprehensive, web-based translation project management system is central to our process and services. It offers the following major benefits to your team, and our team:

• Client portal to provide deliverables in a secure, encrypted environment
• Web-based, 24/7 access to project information and files
• Automated version and archive control with date, time and user ID stamps
• Integrated proposal, project and file management

We use Translation Memory (TM) technology to improve quality, timelines and control costs. TM is not Machine Translation, the technology behind web-based translation tools such as Google Translate. Rather, TM is a Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tool that helps human translators increase efficiency, productivity, quality and timelines by memorizing and recycling the translations they complete over time. When seeking a long-term partner for your translation needs, TM is an essential part of the solution.

In addition, we use text verification software to assist with quality assurance and proofing within our design and DTP processes. Text verification software does not replace proofreading by human linguists. Instead, it automates the process of verifying that text approved in one software format, such as MS Word, precisely matches formatted text in publication-ready PDFs. Given the importance of assuring that translated content approved by IRBs/ECs precisely matches what you send to print or web, text verification technology is a major asset for quality assurance and version control.