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At once delicate and resilient, it wraps you from head to toe. It’s the largest organ of the human body: the first line of defense against foreign invaders. DAC’s experience with injuries and illnesses of the skin ranges from cosmetic to chronic, including acne vulgaris, cutaneous melanoma and psoriasis, among others.

Success Story: Acne Vulgaris Recruitment Program

Study Details

  • Highly targeted recruitment program
  • 6 months in duration
  • United States focused

DAC Objectives

  • Accelerate recruitment for an acne vulgaris program
  • Strengthen site relationships and provide site support
  • Facilitate the consent of 64 randomized patients over a 6-month enrollment period
  • Increase study awareness


  • Recruitment materials / kits for sites
  • Community outreach
  • Targeted physician referral program
  • Radio and print advertising
  • Coordinator appreciation packages
  • Call center support


  • 2,066 referrals, 900 screened subjects, 64 randomized patients
  • Met enrollment goal in 6 months
  • Advertising outcomes
  • Advertising mediums
  • Print - 233 responses
  • Radio - 2,597 responses / 2,073 referrals

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