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Inspired by the founding work of Dr. Edward Jenner, an 18th century physician credited with developing the smallpox vaccine, today’s researchers continue exploration of the structure and function of the immune system, including innate and acquired immunity and the interaction of antigens with specific antibodies.

Success Story: Adult Vaccine Trial, Proactive Retention

Study Details

  • Long-term, 10-year study participationong-term, 10-year study participationong-term, 10-year study participation
  • Maintaining as many study participants as possible, especially during the lag years
  • Foster site/patient relationships to re-engage patients who did not attend their year-1 visit
  • Retention support required for 40 U.S.-based research sites


  • 4 study visits at years 1, 3, 5 & 10
  • Staff changes at sites
  • Late roll-out of program
  • Patient relocation
  • Lost-to-follow-up potential


  • Site Support
  • Program launch webcast for CRCs and bi-annual study newsletter
  • Patient Support (initial registration and launch)
  • Program introduction and registration packet with thank-you card and $10 gift card for registering
  • Thank-you cards and $10 gift cards for subjects who completed year 1
  • Reminder cards for subjects who did NOT complete year 1
  • Patient Support (ongoing visit years)
  • Thank-you cards for all visits completed
  • Study reminder cards for all missed visits
  • Annual Happy New Year card for all registered subjects
  • Bi-annual patient newsletter
  • Email visit reminders in months preceding study visits
  • Patient Support (ongoing non-visit years)
  • Annual Happy New Year card for all registered subjects
  • Bi-annual patient newsletter


  • Beginning of study attrition, 27%
  • After DAC involvement at year 2
  • Attrition 6%
  • 19% reduction in segmented attrition rate
  • 3% increase in overall retention (30.8%)

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