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Inflammatory diseases—namely—gastroenterological disorders—represent a growing area of focus at DAC, accounting for more than 1,200 patients managed and 283 global sites served. DAC’s deep understanding of this patient population helps clients overcome challenges posed by invasive procedures and long wash-out periods associated with inflammatory disease studies.

Success Story: Rheumatoid Arthritis Rescue Recruitment Program

Study Details

  • 1,050 randomized subjects
  • Diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis with disease duration greater than 3 months
  • Received methotrexate for at least 3 months and on a stable dose for the last 4 weeks
  • Have active disease defined as 6+ swollen and 6+ tender joints due to RA
  • Patients must be biologic-naïve
  • Rescue program

DAC Objectives

  • Develop and implement a multi-faceted comprehensive communications program to recruit and to educate individuals about the potential benefits of participating in the clinical trial
  • Create awareness of the clinical trial through various media
  • Generate traffic to the trial listing and study website
  • Position the trial as an option for men and women who present with active RA


  • Site relationship building
  • Local advertising (TV, magazine, etc.)
  • Community outreach
  • Direct mail
  • Web-based advertising (search engines, health-related website)


  • Doubled enrollment rate within 1 month and maintained throughout course of enrollment
  • Client goal of 1,050 patients reached within projected timelines
  • Repeat business from client within 1 month of contract completion
  • Earned risk-share and achieved bonus compensation

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