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The neurology patient community is among the most difficult to recruit for clinical trials. Yet DAC has successfully recruited more than 5,000 patients across 18 trials in 30+ countries. Our methodology relies on a synergistic blend of study branding, customized collateral development and media placement.

Success Story: Mild-to-Moderate Alzheimer’s Disease Rescue Retention Program Study Details

  • Rescue program
  • 22-month campaign
  • 176 study sites, 2,285 patients
  • Existing attrition rate of 14.7 patients per month

DAC Objectives

  • Reduce monthly attrition rate
  • Engage patients and caregivers regularly throughout the study
  • Provide messaging and support materials in multiple formats for patients and caregivers


  • Study branding for awareness
  • Patient education and support packages
  • Caregiver education and support packages
  • Patient/caregiver newsletters
  • Direct mail and email messages


  • Pre-DAC involvement: attrition rate of 14.7 patients per month
  • Post-DAC involvement: decreased attrition rate to 5.7 patients per month

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