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As researchers wage molecular war against cancer, DAC supports study enrollment with relevant recruitment materials that motivate audiences to action.

Success Story: Stem Cell Mobilizer Recruitment Program

Study Details

  • 600 patients needed across 2 disease indications—Multiple Myeloma and Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
  • 6 months into study less than 20 percent of patients enrolled
  • Academic centers and lengthy IRB approval for patient materials necessitated immediate intervention program targeted to site rejuvenation and physician awareness

DAC Objectives

  • Implement rejuvenation strategies for site staff and recruitment initiatives
  • Provide site recruitment tools and education on best practices for optimal outcomes from materials provided
  • Establish open and continuous communication with sites via teleconferences and newsletters to maintain momentum


  • Site needs assessments to ascertain sites’ specific needs relative to study logistics
  • Comprehensive education and support program focused on patient recruitment for MM and NHL
  • Study awareness materials targeting physician and staff
  • Limited patient education and support materials to overcome study enrollment and implementation challenges including transportation assistance program


  • DAC intervention resulted in 8-fold increase in enrollment over 1 year including sustained momentum over holiday periods

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