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The best vision is insight when developing campaigns targeted to ophthalmology patients and their physicians. With 100 percent of clients returning for add-on business, DAC has developed ophthalmology trial strategies yielding an 80 percent increase in randomized patients.

Success Story: Myasthenia Gravis Recruitment Program

Study Details

  • 136 randomized subjects
  • Diagnosis of generalized MG
  • Currently on a stable dose of oral prednisone and at a stable dose for the last 4 weeks
  • Have no other immunosuppressant therapy

DAC Objectives

  • Develop and implement a proactive and aggressive recruitment program
  • Create awareness of the clinical trial through various advertising mediums
  • Develop messaging to overcome European attitudes toward participation in clinical trials
  • Increase enrollment through specific recruitment strategies with sites and their medical and patient communities


  • Foster site relationships
  • Local advertising (TV, magazine, etc.)
  • Study awareness materials
  • Site appreciation package - North America
  • CRA enrollment support kits
  • Media campaign for North America - physicians and patients
  • Physician and PI outreach dinners
  • Community outreach guides
  • Study newsletter articles on recruitment
  • Dosage reduction wheel
  • PI teleconferences


  • At the conclusion of DAC’s involvement, a total of 158 subjects were recruited
  • The "Quest" magazine ad campaign served as the most successful initiative in North America
  • Increased awareness in the neurology community was achieved with physician/PI dinners
  • Sustained recruitment strategies effectively increased study awareness among sites and the medical and targeted patient communities. This also facilitated study motivation and relations between the CRAs and sites resulting in achieving the enrollment goal

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