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As the only internal organs constantly exposed to external elements, the lungs are particularly vulnerable. With every breath, they usher oxygen into the blood and carbon dioxide out—nourishing the trillions of cells that make up the human body. Yet this process can be severely impaired by a host of diseases from pneumonia to non-small cell lung cancer. DAC’s vast pulmonary experience spans hundreds of sites and thousands of patients in multiple countries.

Success Story: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Recruitment Program

Study Details

  • 56-week study investigating effectiveness, safety and tolerability of medication on exacerbation rate and pulmonary function in COPD patients
  • Challenges included: documentation of the COPD exacerbation, pulmonary function test at each visit and travel for severe COPD patients

DAC Objectives

  • DAC conducted site calls to discuss recruitment plans for individual investigators
  • The study team identified 30 sites to conduct on-site visits and community outreach.
  • DAC evaluated sites that used community outreach and physician outreach strategies and conducted extensive research in identifying outreach opportunities
  • DAC researched and identified web marketing opportunities to further enhance study visibility


  • Revitalization of sites after 6 months of slow enrollment with training, site consultation calls to help build morale and help them develop a contingency plan specific to recruitment
  • Design and develop an aggressive patient-focused web marketing campaign to further enhance study website visibility which included banner advertisements and clinical trial listings among professional and support group organizations
  • Institute an aggressive outreach program targeting specialty outpatient healthcare facilities, smoking cessation clinics and walk-in urgent care centers to display study information to build study awareness
  • Recruitment strategies aimed at sites, communities and physician and healthcare providers:
  • Study branding
  • Materials for sites to build study awareness
  • Recruitment kits
  • Community outreach
  • Oxygen providers
  • Physician outreach
  • Physician email blast - patient accrual
  • Physician email blast - site identification
  • Targeted advertising
  • Study website
  • Direct mail
  • E-notification
  • Study newsletter development and distribution
  • Patient wellness kits
  • Retention card kits
  • Transportation assistance
  • Site liaison visits
  • Ongoing site communication and correspondence
  • Recruitment tips


  • Recruitment workshop held in mid-September
  • Recruitment initiatives IRB approved and rolled out to sites in early January
  • Enrollment goal met in May

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