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Creative Services to Support a Pediatric Vaccine Study

Jun 10, 2014

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The client sought DAC’s strategic and creative support in recruiting and retaining 1,200 children ages 12 to 15 months for a vaccine trial being conducted at 55 U.S. research sites. The enrollment period was from June 2009 to June 2011.

Pediatric clinical trials have inherent challenges, chief among them, overcoming parental objections to exposing their children to any potential health risks associated with investigational medications. Vaccine trials, in particular, are plagued with problematic enrollment given unfounded claims that immunizations are linked to autism.

In light of these factors, DAC approached strategy development with keen sensitivity and a drive to understand the demographic and psychographics profiles of the target audience.

Focus Group
Following considerable client consultation, prior to finalization and launch of recruitment and retention campaign materials, DAC conducted a focus group to gather feedback and perceptions from the target population. Focus group participants comprised 25 parents of children ages 12 to 15 months old from various ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. Among them, 92 percent were female; 56 percent were 19 to 32 years of age; 44 percent were African American and 36 percent were Caucasian; and 40 percent were married. They were presented with messaging and design concepts and a total of 16 campaign items for review, and encouraged to take as much time as needed to formulate their opinions and answer the 41-question survey.

The concepts and materials were viewed favorably, with the majority of participants ranking them as outstanding.  Survey data was used to assess and tailor campaign components for maximum impact. At the conclusion of the survey, focus group participants were presented with a $25 gift card and a 1-year subscription to Parents magazine.

Branding Strategy
DAC creative services team developed a whimsical superhero stick figure design concept featuring bold, primary colors for cross-gender appeal. With its futuristic focus, messaging was crafted to appeal to parents’ primal desire to protect their children. Content also aimed to allay parental fears about vaccines by reinforcing their historical importance in eliminating and controlling disease. 

Program Fundamentals
 Planning and Project Development
 Branding and Logo Development

Ready, Set, Recruit™ Materials Retention Program Components

Study Brochure  Educational Booklet
Poster (Wall) Branded Tote Bag
Poster (Easel) Branded Mini-Care Kit
Flier $10 Gift Card
Parent Mailer Mini-Animal Blanket
Parent Letter Template Colorful Infant Rattle
Press Release Template Teething Book
Study Coordinator Buttons Branded Stickers and Band-Aids
Investigator Meeting Attendance  Branded Coloring Book and Crayon Pack
CRA, CRC Training Branded Magic Slate
Monthly Site Newsletter Children’s Book
Appointment Reminder Cards Animal Tattoos
Inclusion/Exclusion Cards Branded Thank-You, Birthday & New Year’s Day Cards
Informed Consent Companion Quarterly Family Newsletter

Participating sites gave DAC’s recruitment and retention program an 85% approval rating. Comments included: This is the best recruitment/retention program that I've worked with! You've done a great job!! and The recruitment and retention items provided for this study were perfect. It makes the subject and the parent feel like you care when you have items for them and the siblings.

At the 1-year mark, randomizations were on target with enrollment projections as noted below. By study closure, 1,260 patients had been enrolled and 250 had withdrawn (a 20% attrition rate).

A pioneer in patient recruitment and retention for global clinical trials, DAC Patient Recruitment Services (formerly D. Anderson & Company) develops customized programs that yield rapid enrollment, risk reduction and return on investment. Our unique strategies have boosted enrollment by 100 percent and reduced attrition by 48 percent on average. We’ve successfully managed recruitment and retention programs representing 100,000 patients at 16,000 sites around the world.

 Country-Customized Recruitment and
 Retention Programs
 Clinical Project Management
 Award-Winning Creative Services
 Strategic Site Selection
 Certified Clinical Staff Training

DAC Patient Recruitment Services is proud to be part of the Imperial Family of Companies—a clinical research support organization also comprising ClinicaLingua Translation Services and Imperial Graphics. Together, these three vertically integrated brands focus on patient recruitment, translation services and site material production and fulfillment. DAC offers industry tenure, clinical expertise and creative acclaim not found with other patient recruitment providers. Working in synergy with our sister companies, we of fer start-to-finish clinical trial solutions with the power of three companies through the convenience of one contact and one contract.

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